BIO Ginger Concentrate - Ben’s Ginger

Our organic ginger concentrate is produced with dedication by Ben Kettels from fresh, self-imported Peruvian organic ginger in Holzkirchen, Upper Bavaria.

Under intensive quality control, the ginger tubers are broken by hand in the manufactory, subsequently cleaned and then chopped into small pieces.

By mixing in water and then pressing, a highly concentrated extract is created, which is then flavored with other ingredients such as lemon and lime juice, a little brown raw cane sugar and a dash of almond syrup. Finally, the mixture is pasteurized at 80°C and bottled in the 0.5l and 1l glass bottles.

Especially the high ginger content as well as the low sugar content make the product unique. Depending on your preference, you can add Ben's Organic Ginger Concentrate pure or in a ratio of 1 to 10 up to 1 to 5 in mineral water, tea or juice and enjoy it cold or warm as well as with or without alcohol. But also cooking and baking is possible with Ben's Ginger. There are practically no limits to your imagination.

Unopened, Ben's Ginger has a shelf life of at least one year. Once opened, it should be stored in a cool place and consumed within 3-4 months.

Pure ginger is considered a panacea and is not only effective against colds, but also reduces digestive problems, helps relieve pain and promotes blood circulation. An absolutely healthy trend product made from pure ginger juice!

Only the best ingredients

Peruvian ecological ginger

We have deliberately chosen Peruvian ginger, because Peru specializes in the cultivation of organic ginger. The ginger root is full of health-promoting ingredients. It contains a number of important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, sodium, potassium and calcium. Its pungent compounds gingerols and shogaols give ginger its typical pungent taste. Gingerol has several health-promoting properties, because it not only gets the metabolism going, but also promotes digestion and has a positive effect on the intestinal flora. In addition, ginger juice strengthens the body's defenses and can thus prevent a nasty cold.

Lemon and lime juice

The effect of lemon is very similar to that of ginger. Lemons are known for their high content of vitamin C, it strengthens the defenses and nerves, and thus can protect us from viruses and bacteria. The lemon water stimulates the liver and the nerves and thus helps to eliminate harmful substances in our body.

Almond syrup

Then there is our almond syrup made from natural almond flavor, which is obtained from the extract of bitter almond oil. This gives the ginger concentrate a light, delicious almond flavor.

The best quality and organic products you can only expect from Ben's Ginger and his juice creation - Ben's Ginger in your ginger shot and for your dishes or drinks not to forget - just try now and find here in the store.