• Produced regionally in Holzkirchen near Munich

  • 100% organic ingredients

  • Pressed by hand

Ben's Ginger - Give your healthy lifestyle an extra boost!

Ben's Ginger Ginger Concentrate is your daily companion and can support your health-conscious diet.

For example as a shot in the morning, as a refreshingly delicious spritzer at noon or after sport and in your kitchen as the ideal basis for refining your dishes.

60,000 customers swear by it every year.

The story behind Ben's Ginger

Ben's friends, who served ginger spritzers and ginger tea in their café, were also faced with the dilemma of peeling, and on some days they could hardly keep up with the peeling.

Ben thought for a while how he could help…

„And then I had an idea. I bought loads of ginger and started experimenting in the kitchen. My goal was to make a ginger concentrate not ginger syrup. It contains too much sugar and falsifies the pure ginger taste..“

The experiment was a success, the friends were thrilled and so were their customers. So Ben decided to secure a future for his idea and offered his concentrate in other cafés and outlets in Munich and the Oberland.

Ben's Ginger is not only available around Munich, but also throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

  • Brunch & Breakfast

  • For your cocktails

  • For cooking & baking

  • Tea & hot drinks

  • Peruvian organic ginger

    We deliberately chose Peruvian ginger because Peru has specialized in the cultivation of organic ginger. Ginger root is packed with health-promoting ingredients.

    The ginger is imported directly from Peru, without intermediaries.

  • lemon and lime juice

    The effect of lemon is very similar to that of ginger. Lemons are known for their high vitamin C content, which strengthens the immune system and nerves and can therefore protect us from viruses and bacteria.

  • almond syrup

    Then there is Almond Syrup with natural almond flavoring, which is obtained from the extract of bitter almond oil. This gives the ginger concentrate a light almond note and rounds off the taste.

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