The story of Ben's Ginger

Ben's Ginger Ginger Concentrate is a hip ginger concentrate made from the whole tuber of organic ginger, which is produced with much love in a manufactory near Munich.

You want to know more about the background and how Ben got the idea for his great products. Then watch the video and read the background.

Experience Ben and the production of Ben's Ginger in moving pictures


As chance would have it...

"Actually, that's how I got into this whole thing," Ben says. 

We are standing in the not-so-small manufactory in Holzkirchen, where production is running at full speed on this day.

It smells incredibly intensely of ginger - a scent that I have always associated with particularly delicious things: Curries, Indian food in general, pumpkin soup with ginger, chutneys, jellies, sorbets - the fine spicy aroma of ginger takes the heaviness out of dishes and makes them interesting.

Ben's Ginger is therefore the perfect organic ginger concentrate for numerous recipe ideas. 

Ginger is a special treat when it is fresh. But that's the bummer: fresh ginger has to be peeled, and since the tubers are very branched, you either have a lot of "substance loss" or you have to cut quite finely and attentively.

That's why Ben's Ginger is especially suitable for delicious recipes or as an ingredient for delicious drinks.

Ginger concentrate? A good idea!

Ben's friends, who served ginger spritzer and ginger tea in their café, also faced the dilemma of peeling and on some days could hardly keep up with the peeling.

Ben thought for a while about how he could help ...

"And then I had an idea. I bought lots of ginger and started experimenting in the kitchen. My goal was to make a ginger concentrate - not ginger syrup. That contains too much sugar and distorts the pure ginger flavor."

The experiment succeeded, the friends were thrilled and so were their customers. So Ben decided to secure a future for his idea and offered his concentrate in other cafés and outlets in Munich and the Oberland.

Today, 60 outlets carry Ben's Ginger recipe - from dreamy Munich suburban cafés to organic stores and cult ice cream parlors. They all appreciate not only the perfect taste, but the easy availability.

Ben's Ginger Shop brings you the concentrate in 500ml and 1,000ml bottles, is reliably available and tastes 100% like fresh ginger.

Handmade organic ginger concentrate

You can see for yourself that Ben's Ginger is made with love and handwork from fresh and carefully selected organic ginger.

In the entrance area, the boxes are stacked with organic goods from Peru. Inside the small factory, the ginger and its peel are crushed, pressed, and pasteurized shortly before bottling. This preserves the nutrients. And that's a good thing, because ginger (Zingiber officinale) is not only an Asian spice, but is also considered a medicinal plant.In Ingwer ist das zu den Scharfstoffen gehörende Gingerol und ätherische Öle enthalten. Diese Scharfstoffe regen die Magensäfte und die Verdauung an.

Scientific studies have also shown that gingerol may have anti-inflammatory, expectorant and analgesic properties.

Ginger is a true miracle, there are even countless interesting facts about ginger - so ginger tea or ginger water is especially popular in the cold season as a remedy for colds, but also at any time of year a real miracle cure. 

Cook, bake and enjoy with Ben's Ginger

With Ben's Ginger, peeling ginger is a thing of the past. The concentrate is easy to portion, mix into drinks, give dishes the typical exotic ginger flavor, spice up sweets as well as cakes, tartes, tartelettes and many more recipes.

Ben's Ginger Shop offers you the delicious Ben's Ginger Concentrate, many interesting facts about ginger, Ben's recipe ideas and much more.

Get your ginger concentrate from Ben's Ginger Shop now and try it out!