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Ben's Ginger Pourer with Cap - Stainless Steel

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✅ Just 1 tablespoon will add that little extra magic to your food and it's full of healthy nutrients.

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  • Beschreibung
  • Beschreibung
  • This spout has been carefully selected to ideally fit the Ben's Ginger bottles.

    You get a drip-free, constant pouring stream with a fast flow rate.

    This spout was made in Germany and consists of a metal flap, a poly cork with fins and a stainless steel spout tube. Furthermore, the spout is made of stainless steel and is slightly curved, which allows you to pour out in a targeted manner. The spout opening is closed with the metal cap and thus protects it from evaporation, flies and dust.

    The spout was made in Germany and consists of a short air tube and flexible fins. As a result, this cork seals perfectly with all bottles with an inner diameter of 16.5 to 22.5mm, especially the bottle shapes from Ben's Ginger.

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    nutritional information


    Water, ginger* (20%), lemon juice*, brown cane sugar*, lime juice*, almond syrup*
    *Ingredients from organic farming

    Instructions for use and storage

    Store cool after opening

    Shake well before use

    Additional Mandatory Disclosures

    contains: almonds, nuts

    nutritional information

    Per 100 gram serving size:

    - Energy: 189kJ/ 46 kcal

    - Fat 0.1 grams

    -> of which: Saturated Fatty Acids 0.1 grams

    - Carbohydrates 10.7 grams

    -> of which sugar 10.7 grams

    - Protein: 0.4 grams

    - Salt: 0.1 grams


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