Warum reiner Ingwer so gesund ist

Why are there ginger juice, ginger concentrate and ginger syrup?

Without a doubt, ginger is one of the top household remedies for keeping your immune system fit. Unfortunately, especially with the liquid variants, it is often not transparent to what proportion the miracle tuber is actually contained. Depending on whether you use ginger juice, ginger concentrate or ginger syrup, the composition and the way the healthy ginger is processed is different. 

The sweet ginger syrup

The ginger syrup is not called syrup without reason - for the production under multiple boilings, the same ratio of sugar (or honey) is used. The result is the viscous, pungent ginger syrup, which due to the high sugar content has a much longer shelf life than some other products with pure ginger. Thus, due to the boiling down, the ginger syrup can be kept for up to three months after opening.

In the kitchen, ginger syrup is particularly suitable for sweetening dishes. It can also be added to drinks for a special flavor. Since the ginger is exposed to high heat for a long time during production, the ingredients of the nutrient-rich ginger are lost to a large extent. 

Ginger Concentrate - a true all-rounder

The ginger concentrate a real all-rounder. It is perfect for cooking, as an additive for drinks and also for baking, the ginger concentrate can be used in many ways. For this, the valuable ginger is used in its pure form and no components of the miracle tuber are thus lost in the processing.

In the manufacture of Ben's Ginger, the ginger is broken by hand, then cleaned and chopped into small pieces. Water is then added and the mixture is pressed, resulting in the ginger concentrate from the highly concentrated extract. This is refined with the other ingredients and then gently pasteurized. Once opened, ginger concentrate has a shelf life of three to a maximum of four months. 

Due to the low sugar content in ginger concentrate, it can be used not only for desserts, but can refine countless dishes and drinks. Ideas, what you can conjure up with the organic ginger concentrate from Ben's Ginger, you can find at Ben's Ginger Recipes. In addition, you can prepare an organic ginger shot with the ginger concentrate to combine all the benefits of healthy ginger. 

Pure ginger juice as a source of vitamins 

The ginger juice is also wonderfully suitable for ginger shots. However, in the ginger juice is often very different, to what proportion actually pure ginger is contained in the ginger juice. So there are juices that consist of 100% pure ginger direct juice, but also variants that contain the healthy ginger to 20 to 40%. 

Compared to the other two ginger products, ginger juice often has a shelf life of only up to 2 weeks after opening. Longer shelf life are variants of ginger juice, which were previously heated for a short time. In any case, ginger juice is also a good way to integrate the benefits of healthy ginger into one's daily life and can be consumed as a ginger shot. 

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