Ingwer Eistee mit Pfirsich

Ben's Ice Tea with fresh ginger juice



If the thermometer rises above 25 degrees, we recommend an iced tea with ginger juice and peach - everyone will definitely like this cool down.

This way, you can quickly conjure up a delicious refreshment for hot summer days. Ben's ginger juice gives it that special freshness. With five simple ingredients and a few short steps, this delicacy is guaranteed to succeed.



  • 3 cl Organic ginger juice from Ben's Ginger Shop
  • 5 cl peach juice
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 4 large ice cubes
  • 10 cl Black tea


That's how it's done:

First pour the ginger juice from Ben's Ginger Shop and the peach juice into a large glass (approx. 0.4L) and add the sugar. After a shortStirring, the ice cubes can be added and the rest of the glass is infused with black tea. 

Finally, the drink can be garnished with peach slices and enjoyed directly in a nice place.


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Ingwersaft von Ben's Ginger Shop


Image source: Ben's Ginger

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