Sommer Rezeptidee für Ingwer-Limonade aus Ingwerkonzentrat und Zitrone

Fresh Lemonade with Ginger Shot


Not just something for the end of the day, but for the whole day!
With fresh mint and a ginger shot, Ben's Ginger Lemonade is guaranteed to refresh.


  • 2/3 lemonade
  • 1/3 carbonated water
  • Ginger Shot with Ben's Ginger

That's how it's done:

Pour the lemonade into the glass in a 2:1 ratio, then add the Ginger Shot from Ben's Ginger Shop.

Our tip:

For decoration, simply add a slice of lemon, ice cubes and fresh mint to the glass. By the way:Ben's Ginger is also great for you as a pure ginger shot - try a pure ginger shot or refine it with your favorite ingredients!

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