Moscow Mule Cocktail mit Ingwerkonzentrat und Limette

Moscow Mule Cocktail with ginger shot

This Moscow Mule is perfect for a social gathering or just to enjoy. Fix you create with a few ingredients, most importantly the ginger shot, the delicious tasting drink. The ginger concentrate from Ben's Ginger gives the drink a sharp, very special note. 


  • 5cl vodka
  • 1/2 lime 
  • water or alternatively lemonade
  • as many ice cubes as you like
  • Organic ginger concentrate from Ben's Ginger Shop

Here's how:

The first step is to add the vodka, juice of half a lime and ice cubes to a glass. Then mix either water or lemonade in a desired ratio with the Ginger Shot from Ben's Ginger, pour it into a soda siphon and charge it with a CO2 cartridge. 

Finally, the refreshing drink can already be poured into a glass and then it's time to enjoy. 

Our Tip:

A copper mug is particularly suitable, because of its temperature properties it keeps the drink longer at the desired, cold temperature.  

By the way, Ben's Ginger is not only suitable for cocktails: Try it also as a ginger shot pure or refine it with your favorite ingredients! 

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