Die Wirkung von Ingwer für schöne Haut

Ingwersaft als Wundermittel für reine Haut

Pure ginger juice is ideal for skin care. It fights oily, blemished and inflamed skin. So get your organic ginger juice now at Ben's Ginger Shop.

Beautiful and healthy with ginger juice - tips for skin care

Ginger is an extremely versatile root tuber whose uses are often only assumed to be in the kitchen. But how about using ginger in cosmetics for once? Especially for healthy skin care, pure ginger juice offers numerous benefits. Let yourself be surprised and discover what skincare with ginger juice has to offer.

Advantages of ginger

Besides its delicious taste, ginger also offers numerous health benefits due to its ingredients. You can make use of these in the context of skincare with ginger juice.

Antibacterial properties:

Ginger has a high antibacterial effect, which is especially beneficial for impure skin.

Improved blood circulation:

The warming effects of ginger improve blood circulation and get you going. You can take advantage of these properties both through oral intake and massaging on the skin.

With antioxidants against free radicals:

Always on the lookout for new superfoods rich in antioxidants? Ginger has a high antioxidant effect.

Vitamins and minerals

Beauty comes from within. The most important thing for beautiful skin is a diet that provides essential minerals and vitamins in great abundance. Ginger is perfectly suited for this purpose, because it provides a whole range of health-promoting vitamins. These include: Vitamin C, B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6), iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium.  

In addition, ginger juice contains gingerol and cineol. They give it its classic characteristic pungency and antiseptic properties.

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