Ingwer gegen Haarausfall

Why ginger is awesome against hair loss

The superfood ginger juice - it is ideal helping against hair loss and even makes hair grow!

Ginger is known to be a superfood. But the fact that ginger juice helps even in "hairy" times is new. 

Perhaps you have already tried ginger. The slight spiciness and the pleasant tingling on the tongue are, among other things, what distinguishes the taste of the tuber. But take a closer look. Because then you will feel a pleasant tingling sensation on the mucous membrane of the mouth that lasts for a while. It is this effect that has recently caused a sensation. It has been found out that the "tingling effect" works super against hair loss and even pushes hair growth. Curious? Then be sure to read on!

Ginger - the magic natural remedy?

Ginger helps with hair problems. This has been known since ancient times. Already in India and China, people used ginger for medicinal purposes, but also as a spice in the preparation of food. The antibiotic mode of action has also been appreciated in the "Western" world for several decades; as well as the immune-stimulating properties.

But what is even more important with regard to the natural treatment of hair loss? Ginger has always been considered a powerful antioxidant. The "miracle tuber" can therefore bind oxygen radicals in the human organism and helps to prevent various destruction processes in the body cells.

The spicy all-rounder with brains

Because ginger is considered to promote blood circulation, science took a closer look some time ago. Researchers found that ginger supports the blood circulation of the scalp in particular. Whether dandruff or hair loss - you literally have it in your hands with ginger juice from Ben's Ginger Shop. Treat bald spots on your head or areas with thinning hair with fresh ginger juice daily to stimulate hair growth.

Because ginger is a high-quality natural product, it needs a lead time of about two to three months before you notice the first results. Just as it is the case with almost all products from the womb of Mother Nature.

This is the best way to use ginger juice

You just need to grind half a tuber per day in a blender or juicer. The juice squeezed out in the course of this, you distribute with light circular movements on your scalp. Take about five to six minutes to do this. The more intensive the treatment, the deeper the valuable natural essences of the ginger juice can penetrate into the upper skin layers to unfold their desired effect.

If you don't have a juicer at hand, this is also no problem: Cut a fresh ginger tuber in half and rub the cut surface of one side of the tuber evenly on your scalp. Again, it won't hurt if you take about five to six minutes.

Expert tip from Ben's Ginger Store

Instead of painstakingly peeling a ginger bulb and squeezing it in a juicer every day or rubbing a bulb half on your scalp, you can use the easiest alternative. It's best to order ginger juice directly from Ben's Ginger Store and regularly pamper your scalp with your ginger shot. Continuity is important if you want visible results. So - give it a try!

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