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Ginger and its effect on health


It is no longer a secret that ginger is healthy and has many health-promoting properties. In the past, the brown tuber was often only used in Far Eastern cuisine, but today it is used in numerous drinks, as a Ginger shot, as tea, in powder form or as ginger concentrate available. through what is Ginger but actually so healthy and when should it not be eaten under any circumstances?

The ingredients of ginger have many different properties

The tuber, which scientists call the rhizome, used to be sold only in selected delicatessens, but it is now available in every supermarket. Some dealers offer Ginger even in organic quality. WhatGinger so healthy makes, lies under the slightly wrinkled, brown skin. It is rich in vitamin C and contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, sodium and phosphorus. Healthy essential oils, gingerol, resin and resin acids are also included. The special ingredients in ginger have a virus-static and anti-emetic effect. They also stimulate blood circulation. Since it also promotes the production of gastric juice, saliva and bile, it can be said that it is an additional aid to digestion and also a support when losing weight or dieting. Warm ginger tea or a Ginger shot can also prevent colds and flu infections due to the high vitamin C content.

As a powder, tuber or ginger concentrate, the spice can be used in many ways

The most well-known form of ginger is the so-called tuber. In trade, drugstores and pharmacies it is also available as a powder, in capsules or as aginger concentrate available. From the fresh tuber or theginger concentrate you can add tasty and healthy ginger teas, ginger water, ginger lemonades, ginger oil, ginger stock or Ginger shot create. The latter can be easily created with our organic ginger juice. In powder form, it can be used as a spice for meat or fish or with vegetables, curries or rice. Ginger powder also provides a special kick and a touch of color in mueslis. Set as oil is Ginger also healthy. The so-called gingerol dissolves in the oil and can then be used as a bath additive. In connection with the warm water, the ginger oil relaxes the muscles and promotes blood circulation. The unique mixture can also be used as a massage oil.

Too much ginger can cause heartburn or headaches

Even if ginger healthy is, some doctors are of the opinion that a Ginger shot or ginger tea should not be beneficial during pregnancy. Especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy, the ingredients should ensure that premature labor can be triggered by promoting blood circulation. However, this has not been scientifically researched or proven. Too much of a good thing can also lead to heartburn or headaches. All in all, however, it has definitely been proven thatginger healthy and otherwise no major side effects are known. So if you have one from time to time Ginger shot, lemonade or a tea with the exotic tuber, you should buy pure ginger juice. Our ginger concentrate from Ben's Ginger Shop is available in glass bottles and has a shelf life of 2 to 3 weeks in the refrigerator.


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