Heiße Gerti mit Ingwerkonzentrat - Lieblingsgetränk für den Winter

Hot Tea with ginger concentrate


To warm up on cold, gray days and at the same time do something good for your health, you can conjure up a soothing tea with ginger. In just a few minutes, the deliciously hot refreshment can be created with Ben's ginger concentrate.     



  • water, carbonated
  • Organic Ginger Concentrate from Ben's Ginger Shop


That's how it's done:

To do this, boil water and add the organic ginger concentrate from Ben's Ginger according to personal preference. You can now refine the tea yourself.


Our tip:
Our suggestion is some honey - alternatively you can use brown sugar for a vegan option. In addition to the ginger juice, fresh ginger is of course also excellent!
For a special kick for the immune system you can add some fresh lemon juice.Fresh garden herbs can also be a good change - for example, peppermint, sage or thyme can contribute a very special flavor.


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 Hol dein Bio Ingwerkonzentrat von Ben


Image source: Ben's Gingerr

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